FBI Arrests New York Mafia Members On Gambling Charges


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It has not been a good year for organized crime in the United States. There have been various arrests made throughout the year and some of the most high profile mafia families have been hit hard.

On Monday, another of those families, the Luchese family, took the latest shot from authorities. Eight men connected with the family were arrested on gambling and narcotics charges.

One of the men, Anthony Croce, is facing gambling charges. If he is convicted he could be sentenced for up to five years. He is considered a captain in the Luchese family.

There are three other men who are facing the bulk of the charges. They will face a minimum of five years and a maximum of forty years in jail should they be convicted of the crimes. They face the heavier sentencing because their crimes were related to cocaine distribution.

Organized crime has been the target of authorities for years. Every time the police arrest some of the major players, the crime families regroup and come back just as strong. The past ten years, however, has seen some of the biggest family members go down.

“With all of the arrests that have happened, it could be a while before these families regroup. It is not beyond possibility that some of the families could even disappear for good,” said Jack Londry, a historian.

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