Expanded Gambling Propositions Approved By California Voters


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California will be leading the way towards expanded gambling in the United States. On Tuesday, voters approved four propositions that will allow for expanded gambling on the states Indian reservations.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been lobbying for the four propositions. He and other lawmakers have felt that the expansion of slot machines at four Indian tribes will help with much needed money in the future.

Propositions that were aimed at expanding slot machines in four of the Indian casinos around the state passed overwhelmingly in the public vote on Tuesday. 17,000 slot machines will now be added to the casinos.

The money generated will go towards several different areas. It is estimated that $122 million extra each year will be generated by adding the additional slot machines.

“These compacts will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the state in funds for education, health care, and public safety,” said Schwarzenegger.

There had been some opposition to the compacts. Opponents felt that the money that was received by the state would not be divided evenly. Those people will now see if their theory is correct after the compacts were all passed by voters.

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