Christian Activists Oppose Gambling in West Virginia

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The ever growing battle between Focus on the Family’s gambling analyst, Chad Hills, with all forms of legalization and expansion of gambling in the United States has shifted to West Virginia this week as the state has voted to expand to allow table gambling in its casinos.

Mr. Hills and his Focus on the Family group are trying to rally their Christian base to lobby as hard as possible in West Virginia to stop gambling from proliferating.

Just to be clear, we will now quote the first paragraph of this article… “the state has voted to expand to allow table gambling in its casinos.” That means the American citizens who live in West Virginia want table games in their casinos. Chad Hills, and the Christians in West Virginia, however, think their opinions should be greater than voters.

“If more churches can realize that they can legally oppose gambling expansion in their states and actively speak out against gambling with one voice,” said Hills, “this nation could dramatically shrink this parasitic industry.”


Many representatives at Casino Gambling Web have asked Mr. Hills, along with others at Focus on the Family, to clearly state their issues on why they so adamantly oppose the expansion of gambling, but there has been no response.

It appears to the outsider that Christian moralists have a preconceived notion that gambling establishments, their operators, and their supporters are seedy by nature and should therefore stay hidden in the underbelly of American society.

However, what Mr. Hills and other Christians opposed to gambling do not realize is that many operators of gaming establishments and their supporters are hard-working, loyal, and most of the time very religious individuals.


What they also don’t realize is that gambling in the 21st century is not the same as it was in the mid 20th century.

Today, gambling casinos are places of entertainment where most people would not even consider themselves players, but rather people who are out for a night of enjoyment.

The same holds true for those that enjoy online gambling. It is simply a 21st century form of entertainment that a large and conclusive Harvard study found only negatively affected 0.4{7b74b3a9907c9e957bc048ff08033ee69f6c29cad7c6906582d505a26e967d73} of the population of those who gambled. If you added those numbers to all people who don’t gamble to begin with, that percentage would be almost non-existent.

It is hard to argue, though, with the unenlightened, who for all intensive purposes have every intention to keep their mind frame in the dark.

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