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Chicago has a problem with their mass transit system, if money is not found before November, there could be serious cuts to the services of their trains and buses, as well as increases in the fares for these forms of transportation. Senate President Emil Jones and Governor Blagojevich spent the better part of Monday evening trying to persuade Senate Minority leader Frank Watson to support the plan so that it can pick up some votes from Republican votes.


The Senate is likely to pass the plan, which will fund up to $250 million to the mass transit systems and will also fund such things as school, road, and bridge construction. Problem then arise as the House is not in favor of the plan simply because the money that is generated is from gambling. The same debate is going on in states all across America, but for the first time in decades, proponents of legalizing gambling are actually winning the battle as the need for money is winning out over any moral beliefs that might get in the way of legalizing casino gambling.


The debate is getting heated in Illinois as the plan from Senate appears ready to move forward whether or not it gets support from the House.

Mayor Daley had this to say when asked about the lack of action that is taking place regarding mass transit and the school system, “We can see what’s happening in Springfield. Nothing is getting done down there, Why don’t they just send it back to the City Council and we’ll show you how to do it.” Obviously frustration lingers all around from this issue and only time will tell if the two sides can put aside their egos and get a resolution that will benefit the school and transit systems the most.

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