Casino Gold Attracting Rockaway Beach Leaders

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July 28, 2006 For Missouri, the plan is to hire a wealthy casino owner and ask him to spend millions of dollars in state money convincing the state voters to allow gambling in tiny Taney County river town.

Apparently, this is what Rockaway Beach city leaders tout as progress. So enthralled by the false lure of casino gold are they, that despite continued opposition in southwest Missouri, the city is planning to try again to convince state voters to approve a constitutional amendment to allow gambling in the quaint but economically depressed town.

The new chosen savior, Detroit businessman and casino magnate Don Barden, has a track record of success. Good for him. He might be willing to fund a statewide campaign because if he wins the personal payoff is too huge to ignore. With all the amazing economic development occurring in our part of the state, from Branson Landing to Springfield’s continued downtown redevelopment, surely Rockaway Beach leaders can find a way to ride the wave of success without having to turn to casino based gambling. From its potential as a premier trout fishing destination to the quiet alternative it can provide travelers seeking an escape from Branson’s glitz and noise, Rockaway Beach has options.


Online Gaming Lessons May Be as Available as Tennis Lessons


One of the latest fads going on with the younger generation is a wave of kids teaching older “kids” how to play games. Some kids get up to $65 per hour to teach others how to excel in their favorite video game.

People who sign up to benefit from these services range from professional athletes to psychologists to parents of all kinds. The clients compare online gaming lessons to sports lessons. If you want to be a better tennis player, they say, you take tennis lessons. If you need help with golf, you take golf lessons. It’s the same thing with online games.

The reasons for people taking such lessons vary from simply wanting to simply become an expert at the game, or to get good enough to compete with their kids in a reasonable manner.

An interested person can go to the web site and learn to play some very popular games. The idea is similar to going to an online poker site and taking lessons before venturing out to play for real.

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